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My ceramics are individual and unique, making each object appear naturally imperfect with enduring value.
My pieces talk about me, it’s a reflection of wonderful memories about growing up, camping, collecting mushrooms with my dad, learning to live and respect nature in all senses.
My love for nature has been a signature stamp that I include in my work. I create space for beautiful wood sticks that I have personally collected near the ocean, each stick creates a vision in mind for that particular new and original piece.
Animals are another facet of my beautiful pieces that inspire people to connect with nature, a bird, a butterfly, a fish or an armadillo reflect my passion towards nature in my art.
I hope you enjoy some or all of my work, it is a pleasure for me to share my designs with you.



Free Painting Classes @ Milagro Theatre

We are so excited to invite you to this great cause, we give the FREE Painting Art Classes and with your donation you get a FREE gift. Click on the video to see the list of gifts available, they will be send by us (the artist Maya Ceramics Paintings and William Hernandez) to your home, anywhere in the world!!
Sign up your kids with name, age and telephone at the email below.

Emocionados de invitarlos a esta gran causa, nosotros daremos las Clases de Arte y Pintura GRATIS y ustedes obtienen un regalo con su donación. Entra en la liga para ver la lista de regalos disponibles, serán enviados de parte de nosotros (los artistas Maya Ceramics Paintings y William Hernandez) a tu casa, en cualquier parte del mundo!!
Thank you for supporting, the Art, the Artists and the benefit kids smile emoticon
Gracias por apoyar, el Arte, los Artistas, y los niños que serán beneficiados. Registren a sus hijos, mandando nombre, edad y teléfono @



Artwork at Artistic Portland Gallery


So exited to be part of this wonderful community at downtown Portland, go visit Maya Ceramics at 318 SW Taylor St, 97204.

Today, all the love in the world ❤️

Loving the art that I do, you can see some of the process of how this animal bowls and this shells or objects that I found; find their place on my art.



New ceramic pieces, one of a kind


Workshops at Maya Ceramics 


Christmas Ornaments Ceramics Workshop 



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