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Ceramics from the heart


This plates and bowls are not just that, they are my passion to make, they have my drawings and ideas on each.

They have my stories of going around the world in more than 7 cities. India, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Mexico, U.S.. you can see it in the details, in the colors and lines of each of my individually hand made pieces.

I hope you enjoy them and give them an important place in your home, because they were made with the heart.




You can find my pieces at Artistic Portland, at 318 SW Taylor Portland.

Or at my show room / studio at Beaverton 

Send me a message for more details 


Handmade ceramics – Individually created and unique
My love for nature has been a signature stamp that I include in my work. Animals are another facet of my beautiful pieces that inspire people to connect with nature, a bird, a butterfly, a fish or an armadillo reflect my passion towards nature in my art.
I hope you enjoy some or all of my work, it is a pleasure for me to share my designs with you.




New pieces, preview

New pieces, preview



Ceramics Workshops

by Maya Ceramics Studio

Children 5 to 99 yrs. old
Learn the wonderful world of Clay.
Build amazing things and express yourself!

For more times and private events send an email to:

veroguzmandavalos@gmail.com  or more info at www.veronicaguzman.com

$35 (one class of 1 hr. and 1/2 ) includes firing of the piece and all materials

$ 40 per person (2 classes)

$ 45 (parent and kid special)(2 classes)

Includes all material:
500 grm clay approx , which allows them to make a large piece or several small.
– Glazes (paintings) of various colors in Low Temperature.
– Firing pieces, artist guidance, and demostrations

The first class consists of:
– Studio tour
– Working with clay with one of the following hand building techniques:
– Coils
– Construction with plates
– Pinch pot

The second class:

– Paint the pieces with Low fire glazes
– See artist demos at the wheel

2 hours each session
The fee includes 2 sessions of 1 1/2 hours c / u

Pay and reserve your spot now at Etsy or sending a message to veroguzmandavalos@gmail.com


Talleres de Verano de Ceramica

en Maya Ceramics Estudio

Para niños de 5 a 99 años.
Vengan a aprender el maravilloso mundo del barro.
Construye cosas increíbles con tus manos y expresarte!

Para otros horarios y eventos privados, envíe un correo electrónico a:
veroguzmandavalos@gmail.com o para mas información ver http://www.veronicaguzman.com

$35 (solo una clase de 1 hr 1/2) incluye el horneado de la pieza y todo el material

$40 per person (2 clases de 1 hr 1/2 c/u)
$45 (parent and kid special) (2 clases de 1 hr 1/2 c/u)

Incluye todo el material
-Barro 500 grm aprox, que les sirve para hacer una pieza grande o varias pequeñas.
Vidriados (pinturas) de varios colores en Baja Temperatura.
Horneado de las piezas, guía del artista y demostraciones.

La primera clase consta de:
tour en el estudio
Trabajar a mano con el barro con una de las siguientes técnicas:
•Moldeado con churros •Construcción con planchas •Pellizco

La segunda clase:

-Pintar las piezas
-Tener una demostración de cómo se hacen piezas en el torno.

2 horas cada sesión
La cuota incluye 2 sesiones de 2 horas c/u

 Pagar y reservar su lugar ahora en Etsy (o mandar un mensaje a veroguzmandavalos@gmail.com)

Booth set up for Maya Ceramics and Paintings

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