Ceramic Classes!!

These is a great opportunity to get hands on ceramics!

Come and join us for a class only or a weekly class. There are so many projects you can do!

Hand building has endless possibilities; you can build small and cute pots, or stronger and big.

Is amazing how much detail and quality you can give to a hand-building piece; carving, adding figures, working with coils gives you the opportunity to create unique and special pieces. 

Our selection of glazes and materials, will help you to imagine your own creations.

You can also work in a quick two classes project and take your piece home at the end. Not only painting your ceramics piece but making your own piece. 

See some of the examples and sign up today! 






In the last photos you can see pieces that were made with not wheel, just hand building. You can see on the pictures below the process of how are they made with coils that are merge together until you obtain the desire surface. 















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