Rigel Herrera’s Art Studio Visit

In my last trip to Mexico City I had the luck to go visit Rigel’s Art Studio.


Since I saw her paintings for the first time I was impressed by her technique and her particular subjects.


Perhaps my going around the world made me identified with her paintings and understand better her beautiful art. Like how to look at the women body from a very distinctive and superb way.


She mention recently on one of her post ” We forget this days how easy is to paint, you just arrive to the studio, put on the light, get a brush, get the oil paint out and you start painting in a perfect canvas already prepared.
Giotto had to leave the lemon leaves under the sun for six months to prepared the white color. And cut the hair of an animal to make his brushes.


I agreed with her on this nice way we have today to paint, with all the materials already available..
But sometimes I like to explore the ways of our ancestors, like doing encaustics, like Michael Angelo used to painted, using beeswax, resins and pigments.


Thank you to my friend Rodolfo Naro for introducing and taking me to Rigel.


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