Abel Zavala Ceramic Studio

In the next post I will share with you work from a few artist that inspire me and that I have had the opportunity to visit their studios while I was traveling in Mexico. I already shared with you Isabel Lasserre studio, in my last post. And I told you how she was so helpful during my trip to Mexico, as I was able to keep up with my ceramic work at her studio.

This time I will dedicate this space to Abel Zavala. A young great artist from Xalapa, Veracruz.
I went to visit his studio “El Alacrán güero” you can see more of his work at his Facebook page
Or in his blog at:



He uses painting, ceramics and embroidered animal hair to realize his art.
His work is based on a minimalist line pointing out the surface of the materials he uses.



He showed us his ceramics work, his kick wheel and the great, great space he has to do his work!!!





I loved the simplicity of his ceramic figures and the way he uses the clay to represent what he want.


I was so happy I was able to finally meet him in person. We had been Facebook contacts for long time..
And I always had the plan to go visit him since he lives in my father’s home town.


The fantastics views from his ceramic studio makes this space an ideal space to work.



On our way out we could see some of his White larva sculpture made with ceramics clay.
The fantastic pieces laying on the garden have this special halo around them.



Here we are in our way out, enjoying the enormous plants and vegetation from the area.


Let’s say “hasta luego” to Abel, and keep an eye in his fantastic art work


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