Great opportunity!! 👬👭👬👭

Today was a lovely day!!
I had the great opportunity to guide some great, spontaneous and natural artist.

40 kids, from all nationalities and all ages, between 3 to 15 years old, this community opened the door for me to help and feel really grateful to be an artist and this time a teacher.


It was amazing to see them work, in groups of 10 (with all ages involved)
The groups started on a white canvas, doing sketches and really working as a group and as a community.



After the outline was done, the real fun began. As they experiment with textures, hand painting, splashes, figures, animals, clothes, branches, flowers and leaves started to emerged.


All the teams created such of beautiful piece of art. All were different, all unique.


Like my watercolor teacher used to say, “work like you are not scared to mess it up”
Kids are like that, and that is why the results are so nice and spontaneous
Using all their hands, their minds, and all the material available.





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