Perseverance ❤️


Recycling clay is hard work, but really needed for our beloved earth to generate 🌎
Everybody should do it, and that was what I thought until I came to one studio here in Xiamen, China; they dump clay together with garbage. I was so shocked, but they don’t care.
They prefer to buy new one, because
they don’t have a recycling machine.
And is really a pity to see all that material going to waste.. instead of using it again.




Some days are better than others.
The clay knows how you are feeling.. you can fake good mood it with persons… but not with clay 😉😋
As soon as you sit in front of the ceramics wheel is like the “lying detector is on”




Not so bad after all.
Perseverance is definitely my word today. 😎

And oh yes… is Friday!!.. ready for the weekend 💃🚶

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