This is a series of plates inspired on the Mexican animals and birds drawings.

They were more safe to glazed than the tiles, I think maybe the tiles were to thin to glazed them with out breaking them.


And to started the sets going, a bowls set. While my tools and equipment is not here yet, this is maybe the biggest bowl size I can do for now, with out damaging the piece after finish it and trying to take it out of the wheel to dry. I will just keep experimenting.


This ceramic piece was inspired by Mexican embroidered, specially the one that has naive animals and flowers. I’m looking forward to go visit my Mexican friend on Malaysia this Christmas, so Mexican designs are in my head now.

I decided to fired them first (of course) to be able to glassed them properly, I got a little accident and had one of the tiles fracture on one corner. I will try to glue them after firing. Anybody encountered this problem before? Any suggestions?

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