Testing and Planning

Testing on my work is always been a good way to know where to go next.
After glazing the pieces on “bone dry stage” I encountered a few problems as I was expecting. I apply the first coat (a green nice color by spraying it. And then the clear coat I applied by dipping it. Not a good idea, now I know…
“Crawling can occur when one glaze is applied over another, particularly if the first is allowed to dry out completely before the second application. ”
And maybe the different type of application as well.

So next project will be done by applying the glaze on the same way and not letting the coat dry completely in between.


I also worked furiously in this tiles, and I really liked the results. So there was no way I was going to glaze this on “bone dry”, so I asked for them to be fired, and I will glaze them on bisque, like it should be. (This people here in China) usually want to save money by firing just one time.


Last time I went to the ceramic studio I had to committed my self to do a better job. I been going there with out thinking
on what or how. I’m totally convince that if you know what do you want to do, you can do it, so this is it!


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