Recycling clay


This is step two of how I got this clay.
First it was a big hard piece (like a concrete brick)
Then to start the process I dump it a lots of times on the floor to get lots of little pieces.


After breaking the big chunk of clay in pieces, I place them on a bucket with water on it, enough to cover the pieces of clay. The clay was there for a couple of days, sometimes I will stir a little bit to make the paste even.
After a couple of days I decide to take it out of the bucket and transfer the paste (still pretty watery) onto a fabric bag, so the water could go out evenly and not only dry on the top of the bucket.
(Sorry, no photo for the fabric bag)


After a couple of days in this fabric bag the water was all gone and the clay in a good stage to bring it to the studio to wedge. Lots of work for a piece of clay, I know, but having not other option you have to do what you have to do. (Funny that some people still think that I’m not doing anything..)


Here am I wedging. (Sorry about the blurry picture, my 4 years old was very kind to stop his creative work to take it)

The important thing here is the bench were I’m siting, yes wedging on a comfortable bench!


And a bonus picture! Diego working on his pieces. This time applying some color. Let’s see them later when they are fired.

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