First time!


Here we go again, with a ball of clay in hand, ready to try. My friend Meri went with me to have her first trial with clay.


Warming up with a cylinder form, trying the white clay (don’t think is porcelain)
They have a brown clay also, both very nice consistency but after wedging for a while.


Here with Meri and ” 老实 Lǎoshí ” (teacher in Chinese)
These is a great place for me to work for a while, you can have instruction or work on your own.


This bench where I’m sitting was a great discovery for me, and it will be a wonderful addition to my studio later!
I’m always trying to get big and solid tables to wedge… no need!! This is an inclined bench that use your same weight and aloud you to wedge very comfortable sitting!!


I started with this basic bowl first. What I had in mind for these little ones was a more organic shape that was going to come out later with some manipulation of the clay.


I will be trying to improve on this, for my first time after so long this was a good start!!

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