Oasis in a desert…


On the tranquility of the studio in Zoncuantla, doing a few ceramic pieces, this is like being in an oasis in the middle of the desert. Because I know that when we move from one country to other, is going to past months before I can work on my studio again.


Here Isabel is showing me her new raku kiln. She will be preparing this kiln in the next months.
Here are some of the experiments ready to be fired.



Here is half of my happiness…if my kids are ok, I'm ok. They have such of good time with Mario and Isabel, they have all the patience of the world teaching them.


2 thoughts on “Oasis in a desert…

  1. Mi Vero querida… Animo tu eres una fregona en todo lo que haces. Recuerda que después de la tempestad viene la calma y todo va a estar muy bien. Todo es aprendizaje y son lecciones de madurez para tu familia. a pesar de todos estos cambios de locaciones. Los personajes y la trama es la misma La familia y el amor siempre unidos.. Tqm y te admiro. deseo verte pronto


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