Kids series


Kid set, special order

bowl 5 1/4 x 3″ (high)
Cup 3 1/2 x 4″ (high)
This set of plate and cup or bowl and cup is perfect for the kids, they love to eat on a a their own set with their name on it!
Make your kid, your family or a friend feel special ordering a set with their name on it, and pick his or her favorite drawing or design to go with it.

This set takes some time to make and fire, so please let us know in advance which one you like to order.

Mugs for you!


Cats, Fox and other animals transform into cute mugs for your favourite drink, there is also the possibility to order a custom made mug, just for you! chose your favourite words, or a special design, and I can transform it into a mug!

Portland Open Studios 

Open studio today Saturday October 8 and 9! Is a great opportunity for you to visit a real ceramist art studio, 10-5 pm Artist #92 Beaverton 

Hope to see you here!
El estudio estará abierto al público mañana y el doming. Es una excelente oportunidad de visitar un estudio real de cerámica, 10-5

Artista #92

Espero verlos acá!

Bird houses, plant pots, small figures

Ceramics Jewellery

Ceramics from the heart


This plates and bowls are not just that, they are my passion to make, they have my drawings and ideas on each.

They have my stories of going around the world in more than 7 cities. India, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Mexico, U.S.. you can see it in the details, in the colors and lines of each of my individually hand made pieces.

I hope you enjoy them and give them an important place in your home, because they were made with the heart.




Handmade ceramics – Individually created and unique
My love for nature has been a signature stamp that I include in my work. Animals are another facet of my beautiful pieces that inspire people to connect with nature, a bird, a butterfly, a fish or an armadillo reflect my passion towards nature in my art.
I hope you enjoy some or all of my work, it is a pleasure for me to share my designs with you.




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